Spine Surgeons: Providing Back Pain Relief When You Need It Most

An individual usually seeks medical attention for their back pain when it has reached the point where the pain is no longer bearable. The most common type of discomfort where medical attention is sought is when there is the presence of lower back pain. When surgery is needed to relieve back pain, professional spine surgeons educate and assist their patients with information regarding the options available to them, the risks involved, and what the possible outcomes of surgery might be. In addition, qualified spine surgeons will guide their patient through the entire process of making a sound treatment plan for their pain.

When an individual suffers from either acute, subacute, or chronic back pain; the three categories of lower back pain, the pain usually subsides on its own without the need for surgery. Some situations call for surgical attention such as when a person experiences chronic and subacute back pain, which sometimes involve structural damage. A doctor that focuses on spinal surgery is better equipped in the area of current surgical techniques than a physician who only performs spine surgery occasionally.
The beginning therapies used to relieve back pain usually involve treatments that are non-surgical or conservative methods such as medication, chiropractic treatment, physical therapy, acupuncture, and massages. There are also cases where patients are in need of interventional pain management such as with facet blocks and epidural steroid injections. Knowledgeable spine surgeons are able to make rational pain management treatment decisions on a case-by-case basis based on the patient’s individual needs.

Patients that experience problems with their spine should be provided with treatment plans that consider all possibilities available to them for their back pain. Sometimes spinal conditions are challenging to diagnose and are dependent upon the causes and symptoms of the back pain. With MRI studies and x-ray images, problems with the structural makeup of the lower back region can be indicated. It takes the skill and experience of a knowledgeable spine surgeon starting with a thorough diagnostic, neurological and physical evaluation plan to help formulate an effective mode of treatment.

A trained neurosurgeon is the best choice for back pain because they are specialists that focus on treating the entire spine. These surgeons have extensive expertise in the area of treating common to complex spinal disorders. These spinal surgeons know when to provide surgical conservative treatment, which is the first emphasis in order to delay or avoid surgery if possible. Non-surgical plans that can encompass injections, medication, and physical therapy are typically utilized. Treatments such as core muscle stretching, stretching and related therapies can lead to improvement but when these therapies are insufficient to bring about significant pain relief, an experienced surgeon may make the decision to utilize interventional therapies to bring about the reduction of swelling and inflammation of the nerves in order to bring about pain relief.

Seeking medical attention from a surgeon that has extensive knowledge in the areas of orthopedic and neurosurgical spine care is the best medicine for lower back pain. The surgeon should first strive to take every measure to employ non-surgical treatment plans. Upon further evaluation of the patient conditions when it is the case that non-surgical plans are not working, an experienced spine surgeon will used the least invasive and most advanced techniques to bring comfort and pain relief to the patient. Through experiences that include complied patient information and clinical information, surgeons who are dedicated to providing their patients with the best treatment and care possible for back pain will analyze data and strive to improve the care for patients.

Seek the care from spine surgeons that have proven results and have a history of providing patients with top quality outcomes. The surgeon that will be performing your back surgery should also have qualities that prove they are consistent; provide treatment that allow patients to have speedy recoveries, reduced pain, and less need of additional surgeries. A surgeon that has a dedicated and friendly staff that provides care that is tailored to your needs in back pain will help you to a quick and efficient road to healing.

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