The Three Stages Of Knee Pain

From time to time, all of us experience some form of pain, discomfort or stiffness in our knees. What’s important is how often and how severe it is. Knee pain usually results from overuse, not warming up or cooling down, inadequate stretching and poor form during physical activity. Being overweight can also put you at greater risk for knee problems.

The three stages of knee pain are: mild, moderate, severe. Mild Knee Problems include stiffness. Stiffness usually begins slowly, but passes quickly and is gone by the time you go for breakfast. This feeling is probably the result of excessive use during the day, sleeping in an awkward position, or long periods of sitting or inactivity. What to do: Relax and remember: The stiffness will pass. Stretch the legs, take a nice warm shower, allow warm water to cascade over each knee for at least one minute.

Start looking for an all natural joint pain relief supplement that helps rebuild cartilage and increases cushioning between the joints. Definitely avoid over the counter medications and analgesics that have side effects such as, stomach upset, internal bleeding and the like. Moderate Knee Problems include soreness and a few aches. These symptoms are signs of inflammation. It could also be the beginning of osteoarthritis which has begun in the knees and in time, appear in other joints in the body. Have you heard people speak about their knees hurting as a sign that it is going to rain? That is not an enjoyable way to predict the weather.

What to do: You can ease your aches with the right foods, such as red grapes with resveratrol, a powerful compound that blocks the enzymes that contribute to tissue degeneration. In addition to eating the foods that have pain-fighting potency, take an all-natural joint pain relief supplement that provides pain relief and gets rid of inflammation. Rest and avoid activities that aggravate the pain. As crazy as it sounds, some people have found that going to bed early, taking deep breaths and holding the breath until the count of three and slowly releasing the breath until the count of three helps them fall asleep, relaxes the body and muscles, so that they sleep soundly and wake up refreshed and pain-free.

Severe Knee Problems include jolts of pain. The third stage of pain usually occurs suddenly as a result of an injury. The pain is severe when you can not bear weight on your knee, your knee buckles, clicks or locks. The pain is severe, if you have pain after 3 days of home treatment described above.

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