Natural Remedy For Healing Lower Back Pain

Today, adults between the age group of 35 to 55 are more prone to back pain. According to recent studies, it is clear that around 85% of the adults are suffering from this problem at least once in their live. There are two types, one who gets the pain all of a sudden and other one who suffers from the problem for many years. At time, this ache would be quite severe thus making the sufferers finding difficult even to blend forward or take a step. Injuries in the spinal cord, sprain in the back muscles, strain of ligaments and slipped disk are some of the main causes of this problem.
Besides this, there are some more causes for the pain which are mostly ignored by the sufferers.

1. Excess of fat: People who are overweight used to experience the back problem at regular interval because they are unable to get rid of excessive weight. In fact, if you are carrying a heavy object in the bodys front, as a result you would suffer from ache. The reason behind this is our spine can not bare a load that is heavier than the natural weight of the body. The spine begins to compress and distort causing an ache when additional weight is put on it.

2. Stress: Another reason for the pain is stress. Stress creates this problem only depending upon the nature of individual as these days many people are often under stress, sometime they have to deal with or does not have to deal with pain. The ache caused due to stress is actually a psychosomatic problem and it is not fully a pure physical ache. Being in stress may cause a prolong amount of back pain for some people and for others it may simply give an aching in certain situations.

3. Kidney stones: Besides spinal cord and nervous system, kidney related problem may also cause such kind of ache and in some cases, it would be worse than any other. Formation of stones in the kidney is the most common type of kidney related pain. These small stones are formed due to calcium deposits and they affect the lining when they make a move through the kidney. Another kind of disorder is an infection caused in the kidney. If not addressed properly, it may cause permanent damage to the kidneys.

4. Wrong posture: Wearing of inaccurate footwear may also lead to back pain. In simple words, if an individual is standing for a long time, there are chances for him/her to experience the problem. Most people think that the ache is caused by their feet but the true fact is their footwear causes the ache.
After considering the pain causing factors, here comes a lower back pain treatment for the sufferers to get relief from it. The right remedy is taking ayurvedic treatment. The reason behind taking such kind of treatment is it has no side effects. Though the recovery takes time, it is permanent. But these ayurvedic treatments never fit in the pocket. Here comes the right solution, where Amarprakash, non profit organization in Chennai is providing ayurvedic treatment for the needy at free of cost. So, no need to worry about money for healing the pain in an ayurvedic way when this organization is available.

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