Relieve Lower Back Pain Naturally!

Are you suffering with lower back pain? The lower back, referred to as the lumbar region contains the vertebrae L1 – L5. It begins below the ribcage at L1 and ends just above the sacrum at L5. This is where most back pain is felt since it is the support section for the upper part of your body. There are so many reasons for this kind of pain and many people suffer from it at some point in their lives.

It could be you lifted something heavy the wrong way, had a fall, or maybe you have a joint disease like arthritis. No matter what the cause, once you have pain in this region it can be difficult to get rid of. If you have a pinched or ruptured disk this puts pressure on the sciatic nerve and you may feel pain down one of your legs. Of course, serious back pain should be checked out by your doctor, especially if you have leg tingling, weakness, or fever. However, there are a few things you can do at home to help improve your condition.

One of the best remedies for back pain may seem unlikely, but it is exercise. Take it slow, but don’t let the fear of pain keep you from doing a few gentle exercises. Stretching your back muscles increases your flexibility, aides in recovery, and prevents re-injury. Strong abdominal muscles help to support your spine and make it less susceptible to future injuries. A physical therapist or a personal trainer is a great place to start to figure out what exercises would be best for your condition. People that do yoga often say that their pain is lessened as well. The main thing is to continue to exercise even after the pain is gone to prevent re-injury.

Although warmth from a heating pad or bath relaxes your muscles and makes you feel better, ice helps to reduce inflammation. Ice should be applied in 20 minute sessions several times a day for the first few days and then apply the warmth in the days following to promote blood flow and relax muscles. While sleeping, most find relief on their side with a pillow placed between their knees.

Many people take over-the-counter remedies to relieve the initial pain. However, continued use can result in several unpleasant side effects. Some natural remedies are turmeric, fish oil, ginger, and vitamin D to name a few. A combination of these can be quite effective on chronic pain.

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