Chiropractic Treatment For Sciatica

One of the most common problems encountered by chiropractors is the treatment for sciatica and there have been a lot of patients who were successfully helped with chiropractic treatment.

Sciatica is a term used to describe a symptom. If you feel a shooting pain, tingling or numbness down your leg, it is usually caused by the pressure on your sciatic nerve or nerve roots in your low back. You should avoid repetitive lifting, prolonged sitting or standing if you don’t want to amplify pain that will aggravate your condition.

Before a chiropractor may even begin with his diagnosis, he will have to find out the cause behind the patient’s condition. He should examine the medical background as this will help him determine if it has something to do with the patient’s past conditions and what were the treatments given to him. The chiropractors’ main objective is to see if the body has a potential to mend itself and fix the problem permanently.

Chiropractors use different sorts of therapies depending on how severe the condition is. Patients have individual needs and require different treatments. Rest and some advise medication for pain or inflammation as the first treatment for sciatica.

One of the fundamental known treatments and has proven to be useful is ice therapy to ease the nerve inflammation to prevent sciatica from happening. This should be applied to the sore area as this treatment works quickly after the patient experiences severe pain.

There is also the ultrasound to ease swelling, soreness and increase blood circulation since the pain cuts it off when it presses hard on the sciatic nerve. With its high frequency sound waves, it produces heat that infiltrates the body tissues.

The most popular and safe treatment for sciatica is the spinal manipulation. As you know that spine is made up of sonnected bones called vertebrae. If you have poor posture and weak abdominal muscles, it can press on the nerves that result to slippage. Spinal manipulation helps relax the spine’s movement and vertebral bodies that are misaligned and restore it back to its proper position. It helps decrease the muscle spasms, nerve irritability and inflammation without causing any pain. Spine adjustment has been recognized for its successful results and is guaranteed effective.

Any sciatic pain that is accompanied by loss of bowel or bladder function calls for an immediate medical assistance. And extreme pain sometimes requires surgery but those are rare cases. Taking pain killers or surgery can be avoided in sciatic pain cases so one should always retain a good posture and resting position, rehabilitative exercises and Piriformis muscle stretching to help you alleviate pain to help put it more pressure to your sciatic nerve.

Always seek your health practitioner’s advice as they can give you a more accurate diagnosis and provide you options or treatment to any of your health issues. Most patients prefer chiropractic because of its non-invasive or non-surgical and drug-free treatment for sciatica. If you need another option, you should try chiropractic care as they usually center on spinal adjustments and have continually proven to help you with a long term solution instead of putting up with other short term pain relief.

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