Good Sciatica Exercise

The sciatica nerve is the nerve that runs right through certain muscles in the back and legs, from the back side or buttock area.
When these muscles tighten or compress, this causes pain. Stretching will decompress this area and loosen up the back area near your sciatic nerve. Any back stretching exercises will really protect you from future flare ups or getting sciatica in the first place.

A doctor or health care provider will can give good advice as to stretches and exercises you can begin. They can also check for conditions called herniated disc or spinal stenosis.

A good chiropractor, who does actual x-rays, can create an entire exercise routine for you, personally, and this will also stop flare ups from reoccuring. This author recommends chiropractors because they are more into giving you “work” to do as exercises than slapping a band aid on the problem with medication. You want to cut off any sciatica problems at the root, and not just fix it for a short period of time.
One best way to find out what exercises are best is to visit a local chiorpractor. They can really help you out on health tips as far as eating, stretching, exercises, posture and simple information. One way to build your back is to use an exercise ball, and sit on that at your computer instead of a computer chair. This forces posture to be perfect and enforces strength in your lower back muscles.

After a few months using an exercise ball, instead of a computer chair, you will be well on your way to a very healthy spinal column and sciatica will be a thing of the past.
Remember, the object here is to take as much stress off your lower back with proper posture.

Another exercise you can do is anything that relieves stress to your back area. Avoiding sciatica flare ups by minimizing stress on your lower back is very key to back health. When sitting, simply lean back until you feel your back relax. When standing, shift your weight or if you can, place your foot on somthing while the other stays on the ground. When sleeping, pick a side and never sleep on your stomach, this puts unbeleivable stress on your lower back. You can also try putting an extra pillow under your thigh to releive the stress to your muscles.

When you have problems with your sciatica and the pain is overwhelming, taking anti-inflammatory or pain med’s is not an answer, but it is what most folks do. You can lay on your side opposite the pain until the pain subsides. You can lay on your back as well, and lift your knee slowly to your chin, and stretch that way.

If sciatica continues to be a problem in your life, it is almost mandatory you take the proper steps to finding a permanent relief and exercise to stop future flare ups. Caring for your spine and entire back is key to keeping your lumbar areas and lower back decompressed, and lucid.

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