Using A Chiropractor To Reduce Sciatic Nerve Pain

The pain that you are experiencing from sciatica may be benefited by the adjustments that can be made by a chiropractor. By manually manipulating the spinal column a chiropractor can in many cases through a series of adjustments, reduce the pressure that has been exerted on the sciatic nerve by vertebral discs.

The chiropractor may employ other techniques as well before beginning the adjustments. These could include infrared heat therapy to warm and relax the muscles. If there is a great deal of inflammation in the area a type of cold therapy might be used to reduce the muscle inflammation so adjustments can be made.

Even if you have your medical records from your physician, a good chiropractor will want to make his own full examination, evaluation, and assessment of your particular situation. Just to clarify, you don’t need the approval of your doctor to visit a chiropractor. A large number of people visit chiropractors all the time without ever seeing their doctor first.

Some even go to a chiropractor on a regular basis as a preventative measure to maintain optimum health.Your chiropractor should be fully licensed and accredited by the state.
There are some problems that really cannot be helped by spinal adjustments. These include but are not limited to spinal curvature, herniated discs, arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis and cancer.

You need to be upfront with your chiropractor about your situation. Also you should ask questions about the treatment methods he will use, the duration of the treatment, the possible side effects and the probable outcome. A reliable professional will be honest with you and from there you can decide if you want to pursue this line of treatment.
The most common side effect experienced by most people especially at the beginning of treatments is some soreness and maybe a little pain at the site where the adjustments have been made. Some may even experience a mild headache. These effects are only temporary however. They should not last more than twenty four hours, if they do see your doctor.Afterall he is working on areas that have tightened muscles that have not seen attention for a long time.

There are, however, some other more serious side effects to spinal and neck adjustments of which you should be aware. These include spinal vertebral disc herniation, where the discs can be pushed out of place and rupture of the cushioning disc in the epidural space squeezing out the gel. This will result in more pressure on the sciatic nerve and further pain. Pinching off a nerve can result in muscle weakness in the legs even loss of feelings, another possibility is loss of bladder or bowel control if nerve are damaged or impinged.

A possible serious consequence when working on the cervical vertebrae or neck area is complete paralysis from the neck down. Most of these are very rare but they can happen. That’s why you have you be sure you have the best qualified chiropractor available.
When all things are considered, chiropractic for sciatica can be a good option for the relief and treatment of the pain it causes.

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