Alternative Natural Cure For Sciatica Pain

May of today’s alternative medical professionals believe we can heal physical conditions naturally without invasive medical procedures or treatment. For example, some recommend alternative natural treatments to get sciatica relief, or even as a sciatica cure.
Vitamin D for Sciatica Relief
Vitamin B12 has been shown to reduce the intensity and frequency of both acute and chronic back pain, and can be helpful for sciatica relief. Some people report using vitamin D as a cure for sciatica pain.
Vitamin D is naturally produced by your body when it’s exposed to sunlight. Recent scientific studies indicated that many people suffering from musculoskeletal disorders were significantly lacking vitamin D. You can add vitamin D to your diet by taking supplements, or by getting more exposure to the sun. A regular supplement of vitamin B12 could help you reduce the need for over-the-counter sciatica pain relief medications.
Magnesium for Sciatica Relief
Magnesium is essential for maintaining muscular and nervous system health. This trace mineral is a vital to good health, since hundreds of your body’s natural chemical reactions absolutely require magnesium. You can ensure you have a good supply of this important trace mineral by eating natural foods such as beets, blackberries, broccoli carrots, cauliflower, parsley and spinach.

Alternative Sciatica Cures
You might have heard that exercise can reduce, or even cure sciatica pain and symptoms. There are also other sciatic cure alternatives. Yoga, for example, is a very gentle way to gradually improve the flexibility and strength of your entire body. A recent study showed that people with back pain had reduced flare ups after using yoga to strengthen and increase their overall physical stability.
Another natural way to treat and reduce sciatic pain is massage therapy. Massage therapy can provide an immediate cure for people who suffer from acute sciatica attacks. It is also a good remedy for chronic lower back pain. And in the case of pregnant women having difficulty adjusting to their weight gain, a gentle, lower back massage can help relieve any resulting sciatica pain.

Self-Care as a Sciatica Cure
If you suffer from sciatic pain, one thing you can do is consider changing your diet. Avoid foods that may contribute to the chronic inflammation causing your sciatic pain. Foods that can help reduce inflammation include fish, nuts, healthy fats and oils, various kinds of berries, and lots of water.

If you have an acute sciatica attack, follow these simple self-care guidelines to get immediate sciatic relief: Avoid staying in bed all day, or taking long naps. Avoid straining your back by lifting heavy items, but DO remain active to keep your muscles from tightening up. Applying direct heat is often a more affective sciatica relief than pain killers. You can apply hot packs to your lower back, or apply alternate hot and cold packs.
Although it’s best to first consult your doctor when you experience sciatica pain or symptoms, it is not always necessary to fill your body with chemical pain killers. You can turn to natural choices to reduce, or even cure, your sciatica symptoms.

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