Natural Relief For Shingles Problems

If you suffered from the chicken pox as a child, chances are, you may be a candidate for Shingles. This is a stressful disease that causes painful, itchy lesions and blisters to appear on the skin, usually around the middle section of the body, but sometime it will appear on the face, neck and scalp. The pain is more than just skin deep. The afflicted person will feel as though someone is lighting their nerve endings on fire, and the pain is ongoing.

Shingles is caused by the a virus stemming from the chicken pox, and is difficult to bring under control once it begins its course in the body. Once we get over the chicken pox as a child, the virus goes dormant (it is said that we cannot kill viruses, they simply become dormant) and resides along the spinal column. The outbreak usually can be traced to a reduction in the strength of the immune system, due to stress, lack of B vitamins, poor diet and other related factors.

My wife contracted shingles several years ago, and it manifested on her neck, spread to her face and scalp in no time. Naturally, we were very concerned, as we had no idea what was happening. We saw a dermatologist, and he promptly informed us that, indeed, my wife did have shingles and how the disease had come about. The prescription of Acyclovir was given and he said that it would do the trick and clear it right up.

After another month of agony and anticipation, not only did the condition not “clear up”, but it seemed to be getting worse, not better. The lesions were just as large and painful, but they were increasing in number and spreading. The pain was constant and interfering with normal living and sleep.

At the suggestion of a friend we went to visit a natural healing practitioner. It was a good thing we did. She immediately advised the total elimination of all sugar, soft drinks, white flour, cakes, pies, cookies, donuts and bagels. She advised my wife to drink only distilled water, as that is the purest form of water that our bodies need in order to clean things out. Then a heavy dose of vitamins B (immune booster), C and E (anti-oxidant and anti viral) were recommended. Finally, five glasses (tall glasses) of a special healing tea were suggested that my wife drink each and every day.

We were overjoyed, that in five days, the lesions began to disappear and the pain and itching began to subside. In two weeks, the symptoms and pain were nearly non-existent. When we reported back to the dermatologist our wonderful results, he mocked us and told us that we had certainly done the wrong thing and that we were certainly jeopardizing my wife’s health. Never mind that she had no more symptoms. I guess he thought her heath was being harmed by curing her.

Since then, we have shared this information with many of our friends and acquaintances, with similar results. I would recommend that anyone consider natural alternatives in addition or in place of some of the medications (which certainly have harmful side effects – such as the upset stomach and nausea, my wife experienced with the Acyclovir). The results are what counts, not the protection of the drug and pharmaceutical industry.

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