7 Excellent Must See Home Treatments For Migraine Pain

Close to 30 million Americans experience migraines, which are a form of intensely painful headaches. Migraines are thought to result from enlarged blood vessels inside the brain, which are caused by dramatic changes in serotonin levels. There are a number of external factors which may prompt these changes. No two migraine sufferers are affected by the same triggers in the same way. If you are searching for the best home remedies for migraines, this article is written with you in mind.

1. Keep a Headache Diary

To control the migraine attacks and to prevent it from coming back, you need to recognize the triggers in the first place and for this you need to note down every little aspect of your daily life in a small notebook. Is your migraine attack caused by any strong odor, loud noise or bright lights in your environment? What did you have to eat or drink? Jotting down these details will help you figure out what’s causing your migraines.

2. Identify Triggers

Organizing the migraine dairy data in three separate columns will make it much easier for you to identify the triggers and understand how your body responds to these stimuli. Column one is for the factors related to the environment; column two is for your diet intake. The last column is for symptoms and the times they occurred. When you understand what is inducing your migraine headaches, you can eliminate those factors.

3. Scalp Massages

One of the most effective home remedies for migraines is a scalp massage. Certified massage therapist are skilled in migraine relief techniques, but who’s at the massage parlor when a migraine attacks? Learning to give yourself a gentle scalp massage could help. All you need to do is to place your palms flat against the sides of your head and move your hands in a clockwise direction while exerting mild pressure. Do this five times, then do the same in the anti-clockwise direction. Continue the massage treatment until you find relief.

4. Try Deep Breathing Methods

Chronic pain can lead to depression and anxiety, which only increases the intensity of a migraine attack. An effective breathing exercise, known as the Four Point Breathing Technique, can quickly minimize or eliminate these negative feelings. Sit up straight, with your feet on the floor. Slowly inhale while counting off four seconds. Hold air in four more seconds, then exhale through the mouth slowly. Imagine every ache, pain worrisome thought and tension flowing out of your body as you breathe out.

5. Perform a Muscle Progressive Relaxation Technique

Another of the best home remedies for migraines is called the Muscle Progressive Relaxation technique. You could do this exercise anyplace, whenever you feel a migraine developing. Sit down on the floor with your feet crossed, close your eyes, then inhale through your nose while slowly counting to ten. As you inhale, clench your hands as tightly as possible, hold for ten seconds. Finally, breathe out to a slow count of ten while you unclench your hands. Do this exercise a couple of times until you find relief from migraine pain.

6. Get Plenty of Sleep

Sleep deprivation could cause fluctuations in serotonin levels and that could trigger a migraine attack. The average adult require at least 6. 5 hours and up to 8.5 hours of sleep per night. Nowadays many people find it very difficult to get adequate restful sleep because of the stressful lifestyle. Set a sensible bedtime and stick with it seven days a week. Relax or meditate if you don’t require all 8 hours for sleep.

7. Harmonize Your Sleeping Environment

Home remedies for migraines also recommends a calm sleeping environment that is conducive to good restful sleep. Sleep in a well ventilated area that you can completely darken and muffle from noise. Remove all distractions, such as puzzles, books, TVs, stereos and laptops, to ensure a proper environment for sleep. These tips can help your brain regulate serotonin secretion to minimize and prevent future migraines.

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