Migraine Pain Relief Florida

Migraine Pain Relief Florida… Migraines often start in a persons teen years and are very painful headaches nothing like a usual headache that will go after taking a couple of pain killers. For many who suffer severe attacks, bed rest is the only option but normally with medication, the pain starts to subside within four hours or so. Once the attack is over, the victim will still feel exhausted and not able to do much for some time.

The frequency of attacks between sufferers is not consistent with some only having one episode a year. Some symptoms could easily be associated with other illnesses like influenza for example. Migraine attacks only seem to affect people within a certain age range, just before puberty and stop by the time the person has reached about 40; strangely, very few individuals suffer with this condition after they reach fifty years old.

It is not uncommon for a number of family members to share a migraine headache problem and hereditary links are believed to exist; whilst genetic factors may be involved, this link has yet to be proved. It is believed that victims have a certain susceptibility in their brains that allows the blood vessels and nerves to become inflamed. More women suffer from attacks and they comprise 75 percent of reported cases; one in every 4 women will be a victim of it, whilst only 1 in 12 men will suffer with it at some point in their life.

Before the migraine attack, some people have a distinct warning called an aura which usually precedes the headache from anywhere between ten to thirty minutes. The warning signs may include:

  • Nausea
  • Blinking or zigzagging lights
  • Loss in the sensation of taste
  • Difficulty with verbal skills

these are the most commonly experienced symptoms. Migraine sufferers who do not have any warning are said to have attack without aura but still suffer extreme pain; this condition can escalate and is made worse by any movement, loud noises and bright lights which can cause the person to vomit.

The current belief is that the blood vessels close to the brain might contract, increasing pressure which may cause the migraine with aura experience. This narrowing of vessels then leads to an expansion and this pressure change may be the reason for the headache; whatever the cause, sufferers all agree that an attack stops them from doing anything in their daily lives until it has receded. As there are so many situations that could trigger an attack, only a few are listed here:

  • Weather
  • Certain types of food
  • Altitude
  • Drinks
  • Powerful bright lighting
  • Insomnia
  • Tension

Monitoring and recording the triggers in a diary can help avoid future attacks so it is something that all sufferers must learn to carry out.


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